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Industry 5.0 – Smart Solutions for Cement and Construction Online Conference and Exhibition

Event Details

The world is shaping into multidisciplinary, interconnected features that companies and professionals use to make smarter solutions for a better tomorrow. Join us for the single event to bring together traditional manufacturing and industrial platforms and practices with state-of-the-art smart technology, digital transformation of manufacturing/ production-related industries and value creation processes.
The online conference will tackle use of large-scale machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to provide increased automation, improved communication and self-monitoring, as well as smart machines that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention, monitoring or presence. The robot and smart machines working alongside people with added resilience and sustainability goals included, adding environmental, social and human aspects are added for an enhanced Industry 5.0 approach on performance.

Who should register?

Automation and digital experts
Industry executives and decision makers
Operations and Production professionals
Start ups on AI platforms drones BIM
Cloud providers
Government officials
Research fellows and think tanks

Target Industries: Cement, IT, Construction, Aggregates, Mining, Green Energy, Transportation Technology, Machinery/Equipment manufacturers and general industry suppliers. to register as  a delegate free of charge or to get the best deal available for sponsorships. 

Nominate a speaker or a topic for the conference at

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Topics/ directions :

New technologies in the cement industry

Automation & Digitization in cement plants

Data capture, Big data, connectivity  & Data Analytics

CLOUD storage/computing

BIM (Building Information Modelling) a new digital methodology for projects

Artificial Intelligence software implementation in heavy assets (throughout increase and energy optimization)

Failure prediction with Artificial Intelligence

Maintenance digitization

Advanced Robotics

Drones use cases in the industry


Augmented Reality

Digital customers connectivity/service

Remote monitoring systems/services

Value chain integration with Artificial Intelligence

Smart manufacturing

The benefits of  industry digitalization

Risks of implementing new technologies in the cement industry

Cyber Safety

Between humans and robots: Digitalization and human interface

The Internet of Things (IoT) – the key component of smart factories

Digital twin Connecting physical and digital  assets

Industry 5.0 and circular economy

How the IoT can reduce the carbon print

Waste-to-energy through the new technology

Machine-to-machine communication

Optimizing maintenance processes with IoT

Send us an email at for speaking, sponsoring or joining the event!

Attendance is free for cement professionals, academia, research and development, innovation professionals working in construction companies.

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Overview and key points that define Industry 4.0 concept Impact on existing businesses Indicators to focus on Key take-aways to apply to my business
Internet of Things, how do we make business happen Regulations How do we evaluate the investment we need - business model adaptation Optimizing processes HR and future job availability in a digitalized world Industrial know-how protection
Smart production Smart mobility Smart home Smart city Smart factory

    You email your name, title, company and email to and wait for the link to be sent to you. This is a free event to attend as delegate, if you want to present then please contact our team via the same email for arranging the speaking time and slot.
    After the payment is confirmed, you receive a confirmation email and you are added to the delegates list. You then become a part of the Industry Link Community of worldwide professionals by being added to our mailing list. We send updates on the event and, if you choose to, also details for other upcoming events we organize.
    The event registration fee is null for online events such as this one. You have access to all event presentations but you need to register first and get the access link via email at If you want to be a presenter contact us at and ask for terms and conditions.
    Industry Link Team members will always facilitate meeting other event participants. We dedicate full support to organizing one on one meetings on site or online. We can also assist in organizing business meetings as separate event facilities. For more details please email us at
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