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Women in Cement and Construction International Congress 2024

WOMEN IN CEMCO is  the International Conference on Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality in the Construction Industry.

This dynamic event is dedicated to promoting the participation and empowerment of women in the cement and construction sector. Through thought-provoking discussions, inspiring stories, and collaborative sessions, we aim to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable industry. Join us as we explore innovative strategies, foster meaningful connections, and drive positive change within the heavy industry.


Why Attend?


• Connect with global leaders, industry experts, and like-minded professionals who are passionate about
promoting inclusion, diversity, and equality in the cement and construction sector.
• Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge from renowned speakers and thought leaders in the heavy industry.
• Discover innovative approaches, groundbreaking projects, and emerging trends that are reshaping the future of cement and construction.
• Engage in collaborative discussions and workshops to develop actionable strategies for advancing inclusiondiversity, and equality in the industry.
• Expand your network, build valuable relationships, and explore potential collaborations with industry-leading organizations.


Join us on this enlightening journey:


1. Empowering Women: Unleashing Potential in Heavy Industries Our keynote speakers will shed light on the untapped opportunities for women in heavy industries, marking the beginning of a new era.

2. Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Chronicles of Resilience Be inspired by the remarkable journeys of women who have shattered stereotypes, overcome barriers, and ignited inspiration.

3. Defying Convention: The Impact of Diversity in Technical Roles Engage in a discussion on the benefits of diversifying technical roles in engineering, operations, and maintenance with women.

4. Fostering Equality: Strategies for Balanced Employment in the Cement and Construction Industry
Examine the current state of employment equality in the industry and explore ways to promote equal opportunities.

5. Mapping the Future: Trailblazing Gender Equality Policies Delve into the creation and effective implementation of policies that advocate for gender equality in the industry.

6. Cultivating Brilliance: Leadership Development for Women Learn about practical strategies and programs designed for women’s leadership development in the industry.

7. Changing the Narrative: Combating Bias and Stereotypes Discuss strategies to dismantle biases and stereotypes that limit the potential of women in the industry.

8. Women & Green Practices: Architecting a Sustainable Future Explore the role of women in implementing sustainable practices in the cement and construction industries

9. Funding Dreams: Boosting Financial Empowerment for Women-led Initiatives Discuss financial and funding opportunities for women-led innovations in the industry.

10. The Art of Work-Life Harmony: Efficiency and Fulfillment Gain insights on how women can balance professional challenges and personal ambitions.

11. Technology & Innovation – The New Frontier Dive into the cutting-edge technologies and innovations that are reshaping our industry and expanding opportunities for women.

12. Men Supporting Women: Building a Balancing Act Together Highlight the crucial role men play in advocating for gender equalit

13. The Visionary Women: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Industry Discuss the visionary women entrepreneurs and innovators who are reshaping the cement and construction industry.

14. Partners in Progress: Industry Collaboration for Women’s Advancement Stress the importance of collaboration between industry organizations, professional associations, and academia in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and women’s progression.

15. Change-makers: The Resurgence of Women in STEM Education Discuss the importance of STEM education in nurturing the next generation of industry-defining women.

16. Connect & Cultivate: A Confluence of Ideas A networking opportunity for attendees to connect, find mentors, and exchange ideas.


Who Should Attend WOMEN IN CEMCO?


• Women in the cement and construction industry and other industries seeking inspiration, empowerment, and tools
for professional growth.
• Industry leaders, executives, and managers committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality within
their organizations.
• Human resources professionals passionate about fostering inclusive workplaces and implementing equitable policies.
• Engineers, architects, contractors, project managers, and professionals in the cement and construction industry.
• Representatives from industry associations, advocacy groups, and organizations dedicated to advancing women’s inclusion and equality.
• Academics and researchers interested in the impact of gender diversity and inclusion in the cement and construction sector.
• Government officials, policymakers, and regulatory bodies aiming to promote gender equality within the industry


WOMEN IN CEMCO provides a platform for women in the cement and construction industry to come together, share experiences, and drive positive change. Join us to expand your network, amplify your voice, and contribute to shaping a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable future for women in the field. Together, let’s inspire, innovate, and forge a path towards a thriving cement and construction industry that embraces inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Please reach out to us at for registration, any inquiries, speaking opportunities, and to secure the most favorable arrangements for individual bookings, group rates, partnerships or sponsorship opportunities. Feel free to explore our website for a comprehensive list of events and detailed information about our activities.

Dive into our calendar of events, featuring CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition 2024 in Madrid, SpainSustainability and ESG International Summit 2024 in Madrid, Spain ; and Cementitious Materials International Technical and Trade Congress (EMEA and Americas), taking place in Casablanca Morocco.

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We look forward to hearing from you!


Join us as we commence SHE-CEMCO with an inspiring opening ceremony, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and equality in driving the success and sustainability of the cement and construction sector.
Keynote Address - "Women Leading Change: Empowering Minds, Transforming the Heavy Industry" - Be inspired by influential leaders who have broken barriers and led transformative change in the cement and construction sector
Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to the industry, challenging stereotypes, and reshaping its future.
Engage in practical workshops designed to enhance essential skills, foster leadership development, and promote career advancement opportunities for women in the heavy industry.
Explore innovative projects, cutting-edge technologies, and sustainable solutions presented by women entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the cement and construction sector
Learn about funding sources, mentorship programs, and support networks to empower women-led initiatives in cement and construction.
Explore strategies for creating inclusive and diverse workplaces, fostering equal opportunities, and breaking down gender barriers.
Reflect on the insights gained, celebrate achievements, and collectively envision a future where women thrive and lead within the cement and construction sector
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    Please send us an email stating your name, title, company, email and phone number as well as company details for invoicing. One of our representatives will then contact you and send the invoice for payment via bank transfer. After the payment is confirmed, you receive the confirmation and you are added to the delegate list. Should you prefer paying by card, please follow the link to our vendor : Please also email us at for assistance.
    After the payment is confirmed, you receive a confirmation email and you are added to the delegates' list. You automatically become a part of the Industry Link Community of worldwide professionals by being added to our attendee emailing list. We send updates on the event and details for other upcoming events we organize.
    The event registration fee includes access to all event presentations, list of participants (companies and titles). If the event is held in person, you also receive the pdf of the presentations, names of the attendees and contact opportunity, coffee breaks and lunch. Other features such as Plant Visits or Cocktail Sessions can be available per demand and for an additional fee if not communicated otherwise. For selected events, you may receive accommodation included in the ticket price.
    Industry Link Team members will always facilitate meeting other event participants. We dedicate full support to organizing one on one meetings on site or on line. We can also assist in organizing business meetings as separate event facilities. For more details please email us at
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    You can designate another colleague to attend instead should you not be able to attend anymore. We do not offer refunds as once you register we commit to covering all expenses and we have no refunds available from the event venue.